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Power BI Integration Suite for Adobe Commerce

Power BI Report embedded inside Adobe Commerce admin panel

Forging a seamless connection between Adobe Commerce and Power BI, this integration combines top-tier e-commerce capabilities with Microsoft's leading Business Intelligence tool. At its core, the Sales Cube, an advanced data warehouse within Adobe Commerce, ensures optimal efficiency when collaborating with Power BI. This strategic configuration allows businesses to fully leverage the advantages offered by the Power BI Integration.


Power BI Integration Suite for Magento

Power BI Report embedded inside Magento admin panel

Connecting the best of two worlds: Magento, one of the best e-commerce platforms, is integrated with a leading BI tool, Power BI from Microsoft.

The extension includes a Sales Cube: data warehouse with sales data inside Magento that ensures that the solution will work with Power BI in the most efficient way, allowing to use full advantage of Power BI Integration.


Product Overview

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Pawbo CMD Tool

Pawbo CMD Tool allows easy integration with Power BI REST APIs from any operation system, including Unix/Linux systems. Most of the Microsoft tools that help to integrate systems with Power BI are developed to be working with Windows, Pawbo may help to overcome this limitation. With Pawbo it is possible to create datasets in Power BI Services and incrementally populate them with data.


Our Services

Magento Analytics

We continue expanding offerings in the area of analytics related to Magento platform. Our integration with Power BI and R language in combination with data preparation framework allows us to successfully implement data analytics projects for Magento merchants.


Support and Customizations

We provide support for our Magento extensions to ensure that our extensions stay up to date with time. We extend the integration with third party Magento extensions, constantly improve the product by providing updates with new functionality, help to ensure that our products will meet the expectations of our customers.


Power BI Embedding / API integrations

Having expertise in embedding Power BI into e-commerce systems, especially with PHP programming language allows us to offer consulting services in projects related to Power BI Embedded solution.