Pawbo CMD tool for Power BI Service


Pawbo is a command line tool that will work with Power BI Rest API to integrate with Power BI Service. It can create dataset in Power BI Service and populate it with data. Internal scheduler and small ETL framework may help to perform basic data preparation and incrementally load data to Power BI.

This could be used, for example, as an alternative to on-premise Power BI Gateway. Pawbo CMD tool may work on Linux.

Key Features

  • Establish connection with Power BI Service REST API and keep the authentication active for being able to automate the process.
  • Create datasets and send data to Power BI Service.
  • Manage Power BI Groups / Datasets / Reports / Dashboards from a command line.
  • Download and upload Power BI Reports. Reassign reports to anohter datasets in Power BI Service.
  • Setup incremental data delivery to Power BI Service.
  • Fully automated data delivery. 


Pawbo will have free version with limited functionality. More advanced tool, that will also support incremental data transfer to Power BI Service will require to purchase a license.

Obtaining the license

Please, contact us if you wish to obtain the license and download the Pawbo CMD tool.