About Insights Ready company

Connecting e-commerce with Power BI

The Business Insights Modules project is intended to deliver the state of the art BI and analytics solutions for merchants using popular e-commerce systems. We provide the most modern, flexible and cost efficient solutions handling large amounts of data. For the last 4 years we have been working on analytical solutions for a Magento e-commerce platform.

Among available options on how to provide the best BI experience for e-commerce merchants, we put our choice on Power BI as the best BI tool for embedded business intelligence solution that offers full range of capabilities a modern BI solution should have.

Empowering e-commerce with advanced analytics

There are also ongoing works on advanced analytics solutions on the basis of R language. R analytics modules allow doing advanced data analysis without involvement of any external services. This provides predictive and prescriptive analytics functionality where merchants will not only get insights on their data via reporting, but will also use the outcome of analytics for further processing by the e-commerce platform.

Modular approach

The solutions and expertise gathered during the development and integration of the modular analytical solutions allow spreading the solutions and delivering the modules to a wide range of systems. The ultimate goal is to help customers who do not have any internal expertise in analytics to analyze their data with minimum efforts.