This document intended to be used to support end users in usage of the Power BI Integration extension for Magento developed by Kyrylo Kostiukov.

Introduction part provides information of features of the extension and general concepts that has to be understood in order to achieve best results from the Power BI Integration and to organize usage of it in the most efficient way.

Configuration part provides information on how to setup initial configuration and where to find additional information on how to enable integration between Power BI Service and Magento Store. It provides details on configuring regular data updates between Magento and Power BI and some tips on how it could be done efficiently.

Sales Cube Usage section describes how to configure and use Sales Cube that comes with Power BI Sales Cube Extension.

Embedding section describes how to use embedding features to embed Power BI content into Magneto Platform.

Next part of the User Guide provides some usage examples that may help users to get valuable results from the provided integration between Magento store and Power BI Online service.

Troubleshooting and Advanced Features describe specific features that provide more insights and flexibility for fore intensive usage and for handling exceptional cases that occur while extending the functionality over time.

Final notes give users an overview of what could be the future of the extension and how can users achieve extra functionality and grow their BI infrastructure based on the provided integration.