The usage of the Power BI API extension is subject to certain limitations that impose boundaries on its functionality.

Here is the list of known limitations of Power BI Service APIs:

  • 75 max columns

  • 75 max tables

  • 10,000 max rows per single POST rows request

  • 1,000,000 rows added per hour per dataset

  • 5 max pending POST rows requests per dataset

  • 120 POST rows requests per minute per dataset

  • If table has 250,000 or more rows, 120 POST rows requests per hour per dataset

  • 200,000 max rows stored per table in FIFO dataset

  • 5,000,000 max rows stored per table in 'none retention policy' dataset

  • 4,000 characters per value for string column in POST rows operation

Additionally, there are limitations on the capacity depending on used Power BI subscription

  • Max of 1 GB of storage for Power BI Free subscription

  • Max of 10 GB of storage for Power BI Pro subscription

  • Max of 100 GB of storage per Power BI Premium / Power BI Embedded instance

Free subscription does not support functionality that allows sharing Power BI Service content with colleagues.

Please, refer to official Power BI documentation from Microsoft for more recent information about the limitations of Power BI Service.


Dataset with Table Profiles does not support incremental load. Therefore each time, data of a table is loaded to Power BI Service, this table gets truncated and new data is sent.

Amount of rows sent to a dataset within an hour should not go over 1 000 000 rows. For the Power BI Integration Extension, this means the following:

  • Amount of rows in a dataset should not go over 1,000,000 rows.

  • If the dataset is updated often than once per hour, limit of 1,000,000 rows should be divided by frequency of data actualizations per hour. Example: dataset updated each 10 minutes will be updated 6 times per hour, thus it should have no more then 1,000,000 / 6 = 166,666 rows.


Data of Sales Cube Dataset cannot be loaded faster than 1,000,000 rows per hour.

Total limit for the amount of rows per dataset is limited by Power BI Service: max 75 tables with 5,000,000 rows per each table.

Some limitations related to data in the Sales Cube Dataset are described in "Sales Cube Data Dictionary" document.


Disconnection of Magento from Power BI May not work if user is not currently logged in to Power BI.

At the moment, disconnection of Magento from Power BI requires user to be logged in into the Power BI Service.

If user is does not have an active browser session with Power BI Service, Disconnection will redirect user with an error message shown by Power BI that does not help user to understand the problem.

We believe that this issue is a minor security issues in Power BI Service that should be fixed by Microsoft. Forcing the disconnection only from the side of Magento would create a false impression that user turned off the permission of the Magento system to access his data inside Power BI. Therefore, we leave this functionality as it is, forcing users to perform the disconnection properly.


  1. Open https://powerbi.com in separate browser window and login under the same user which was used to connect the Magento with Power BI.

  2. Navigate back to Magento. Open Datasets Management Page and click on "Disconnect from Power BI" button. Disconnection should work.