Magento Analytics

Magento extensions developed as part of the Business Insights Modules projects deliver out of the box analytical functionality to Magento merchants.  

The extensions are flexible, configurable, extendable and tested and optimized for large amounts of data. State of the art BI solutions are meant to be the best on the market in terms of being cost efficient and most modern. The extensions are made to be easy to setup on every Magento installation.

In order to fit its needs and satisfy the requirements the solutions are based on the carefully chosen set of technologies with most optimal architecture and with extensive automated and manual testing approach satisfying the high quality of delivered results. Modular approach in development allows supporting all major Magento platform's versions.

We are constantly growing our offerings in the area of analytics for e-commerce. Our integration with Power BI and R language for Magento e-commerce platform in combination with data preparation framework allows us to successfully implement data analytics projects for Magento merchants.

Out priorities are:

  • Security - stay confident that your analytical solution will not leak your data and it will only be accessible by trusted parties.
  • Performance - keep your data analytics solution efficiently working and stable as your amount of data grows over years.
  • Customization - we want to make sure, that out analytical solution will fit YOUR business needs and it will be opening new possibilities instead of setting boundaries.
  • Usability - we want you to stay efficient and let you keep rationally using your time, making sure, you do not spend unnecessary efforts on repeating tasks or tasks, not relevant for your business.
  • Modernisation - we want you too keep going with time, letting you accessing recent technologies to simplify your life and improve your efficiency
  • Functionality - we want to make sure that we provide maximum of BI functionality and that our solutions even for small and middle size business will open access to BI features that earlier were available only for big enterprise companies.
  • Cost - we keep our solutions cost-efficient, making sure, it will let you to save costs on development, on infrastructure and will keep usage of natural resources (such as computation power and energy) on its minimums.

Support and customizations

Gereral support for Magento extensions

We provide support for our Magento extensions to ensure that our extensions stay up to day with time. We extend the integration with third party Magento extensions, constantly improve the product by providing updates with new functionality, help to ensure that our products will meet the expectations of our customers.

Development support

Our customers may order additional support package that includes support on development related topics. This implies access to the source code documentation, usage examples and consultations.


Provided out of the box functionality is only part of the potential that could be acheaved with the provided Magento extension. The extension is developed with easy customisations in mind. Custom development targeting business specific functionality will help to cover all aspects of the business with analytics.

Additional data sources 

Data integration is the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information. A complete data integration solution delivers trusted data from a variety of sources.

There are several ways of reaching additional data sources and merging the any additional data with Magento sales data:

  1. Out extensions may use PHP and web APIs for getting data from different systems. The internal ETL engine of the Magento extension will help to prepare data and deliver it to Power BI already merged across multiple data sources.
  2. Using Power BI Dataflows. With dataflows users can setup and schedule data prepation and merging process right in Power BI Service.
  3. Using Power BI Desktop. Power BI Desktop may access Magento data via OData API, This way of data extraction offers lot of flexiblity in data modeling and in data analytics with usage of a Power BI Desktop application.

Power BI Embedding / REST APIs

Having expertises in embedding Power BI into e-commerce systems, especially with PHP programming language, allows us to offer consulting services in projects related to Power BI Embedded solution and in building solutions based on Power BI REST APIs.

Power BI REST APIs provide possibility to create datasets inside Power BI Services and populate them with data. Knowladge of limitations and non-documented specifics of this APIs helps to ensure success of the project and to decrease risks of failing to implement the integration in a right way.

Embedding of Power BI Content is very powerful way of improving the business operations. Embedded contant may provide quick access to analytical information in the right place, at the right time. In addition to providing an overview over the whole business, embedded reports may concentrate on specific areas of the business being in focus in particular moment: looking on product statisics while working on product configuration for optimizing its sales, or opening customer report while being on a phone with customer.

Power BI offers two ways of embedding the content: with usage of Power BI Pro accounts and with usage of Power BI Embeeded capacity. The main difference is in pricing model. The decision of which method is more suitable would depend on amount of users accessing the reports, their activity and set of features, each user is going to be using.

How to order

If you are interesting in our serivces, please, use our support portal or contact page to get in touch with us: