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Magento Extensions Providing Integration with Google Analytics

The key to success for a well-run Magento shop is an actionable data for analytical purposes. Every merchant needs to gather an information data from various sources to enhance the customers' engagement and to boost the business revenues.

Giving the fact that the importance of E-commerce tracking cannot be overestimated, we advise you to check on our Power BI Integration solution for your online website. Also, below you will find valuable Magento extensions that are compatible with Google Analytical tools.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4): Meetanshi

Pricing: starts from $150.

The Magento extension connects the stores with Google Analytics 4. The proper connection is established using the Google Tag Manager (GMT).

In order to make the extension work as required, a merchant needs to fill in the basic details, configure the extension, and enter the API data to generate the JSON file. The JSON file here is used to import the tag information into the GTM.

Matomo Analytics: В JaJuMa GmbH

Pricing: starts from $180.

With JaJuMa Matomo Analytics a merchant can have an access to his or her Matomo Dashboard in the Magento's interface. In such a way, all the analytics you need and all the store data available are always accessible in one place. The screenshot below shows how it looks like.

matomo dashboard

Besides that, the GA Matomo Analytics enables the integration with the open source Github checkout solution - Hyvä Checkout. By using Matomo, a Magento merchant will have valuable reports & statistical data about the customers. The interface is good and user friendly.

Here all reports are configured on 100% up to date information to see the full picture of who your customers are and how they use your online store. Having all these at your disposal, you will come up on the decision of what to improve to raise profit.

Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce: Pronko Consulting

Pricing: starts from $299.

The Enhanced E-commerce extension allows tracking various customer actions and gather metrics that you can use to analyze the performance of your store running on Magento 1 or 2 platform.

Enhanced E-commerce extension

The core features are:

  • customization - every user can configure the extension according to the store's business goals;
  • tracking data from multiple sources flawlessly - with the help of Enhanced E-commerce tool you can track each and every step of your client while he or she is browsing your website pages;
  • reporting samples including customer checkout & overall shopping behavior.
  • In addition to this, the Pronko Consuting developers has 24/7 support team to address every query concerning the extension.

    Google Dynamic Remarketing Tag: Mageside

    Pricing: starts from $56.

    This extension is a simple re-marketing tool for your Magento store. Re-marketing tool gives you an ability to reach the previous visitors by using ads that will show them their previously viewed products from your website.

    In such a way your customer will never forget to buy the desired item from you. The extension will work for every store's page the Google is recommend for re-marketing.

    The ability to select the product attribute feature in case you have chosen another SKU by mistake is considered valuable by the extension users. All configurations and custom amendments can be done directly from the admin panel.

    Google Dynamic Remarketing Tag

    Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce: WeltPixel

    Pricing: starts from $199.

    The extension set up is a 5 minute process. What makes this extension stands alone from other is its valuable and multiple tracking features. The Enhanced Ecommerce can track product impressions and clicks by Category Page and by Result Page separately. Also the WeltPixel's solution allows for tracking how much a certain product has been added/removed from a cart.

    Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce is implemented using Google Tag Manager and allows you to track product impressions, product clicks, product detail impressions, add/remove a product to cart, promotion impressions, promotion clicks, measure each step in the checkout process, purchases, full and partial refunds.


    Using this extension the merchants can add, remove or edit required re-marketing tags without any admins' intervention.

    Google Analytics 4 (GA4): WeltPixel

    Pricing: starts from $199.

    The main distinguishing feature which helps this Google Analytics 4 (GA4) stand out from the previously described extension is that this tools has many adding security features. It is more new and privacy oriented.

    Moreover, it has for Magento shops a multi-currency checkout feature as well as in-build promotional widget.

    Google Analytics Plus: Fooman

    Pricing: starts from $0.

    This is a free extension from our review. By using the solution from Fooman developers, you can create a sales funnel in Google Analytics. A sales funnel can help understand where your potential customers are 'dropping off' during the checkout process. Google Analytics Plus To improve your store's performance and boost profitable conversions track every step of the checkout process, even including sections dynamically retrieved via AJAX during checkout. It is a great feature for free tool, right?

    Google Tag Manager: Webkul Software Private Limited

    Pricing: starts from $139.

    Google Tag Manager extension can be easily integrated with Facebook Pixel tool to pay more attention to your customers' purchasing behavior, thus boosting conversion and retention rate.

    The reports will be send directly to Google Analytics including tracking of their Shopping Behavior, Checkout Behavior, Product Performance, & Sales Performance.

    Mind that Facebook Advertising services are not free of charge, you will be needed them while using Webkul software analytical tool.

    Actionable Google Analytics: TATVIC ANALYTICS LLC

    Pricing: starts from $150.

    Actionable Google Analytics has in its arsenal the audience, behavior and acquisition tracking reports which are easily integrated in Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce Marketing reports.

    Moreover, for your analytical purposes you may indulge yourself in creating an overview of Sales & Product performance reports for your sales managers and use them as a training materials for boosting their confidence in, for example, cold calls selling.

    For every Magento merchant Tatvic Analytics LLC developers prepare the sample report that shows Shopping & Checkout behavior analysis.

    Google Analytics & Google Shopping Integration: TATVIC ANALYTICS LLC

    Pricing: starts from $0.

    By the usage of this add-on, a merchant can trace his or her marketing campaign results. It can be done by checking on the fact how some store items you are selling are performing on the site's page(s).

    The solution can help make well-informed merchandising decisions for company's future growth.

    Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce: Commersys

    Pricing: starts from $25.

    Features of this Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce extension are a real time tracking possibility, traffic stats, well-customized site's audience statistics and many more. Moreover, this extension provides a user with to types of reporting samples - E-commerce Sales Performance Report and E-commerce Product Performance Report. The second report also includes customer shopping behavior and sales performance statistics.

    Magento is now Adobe Commerce

    Adobe BI extension Adobe Commerce is a platform for creating multi-functioning management & marketing experience for B2B and B2C. With Adobe Commerce Power BI integration, every Adobe Commerce merchant can load his or her online webstore data to Power BI, thus having it vizualized. Adobe Commerce BI Extension when integrated to Power BI will help to have a clear view on your future business development.