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Best Extended Tracking Extensions for Your Magento Store

Magento extended tracking solutions & tools are vital elements of today's BI world of e-commerce. Of course, there are too many of them you can find in the Internet. But there they can be corrupted, may not have all required functionality options, or/and the configuration & installation steps may require profound programming knowledge and tech skills.

Do not waste your time searching anymore! In this post, we have gathered and described only those, that will help you manage your business, and thus, requiring your attention. Find below free and paid extends tracking extensions for your Magento bi store.

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Error Notifier by Bridge Global

error notifications

The Error Notifier extension gives the Magento store's admin the opportunity to receive notifications and alerts when critical issues requiring immediate attention occurred.

The Bridge Global developers' solution is a plugin to track all 404 errors. Moreover, a merchant will have the ability to receive alerts showing login failure errors that occurred when a customer entered his or her personal profile with some malfunctions on the system's side.

Admin will get a list of all these errors as a grid for a user-friendly & understandable view. After that all this data can be exported in a CSV or comprehensive Microsoft excel format for further research and analytical purposes.

The extension itself is free of charge but if you require additional installation support management be ready to pay $25 for their services.

Price: $0.

Download link: т

Admin Activity Log Extension by Dotsquares Ltd. .

The title of this extension talks for itself. Admin Activity Log allows for having the full picture of every attempt to login into your Magento's store. Back-end login supervision is essential in order to maintain a secure Magento Admin Panel. To effectively manage your team you need to be aware of all the actions they perform in the admin panel.

This extension can track all activities of each admin user in the back-end and helps to control all admin actions with ease. Failed attempts of admin login are recorded as well.


Download link:

Metrilo by Metrilo

Metrilo developers have produced a really good tool where almost every processes & routine daily tasks are put on automation.

This extension for merchants who want to do a regular campaign in relation to marketing optimization.

For example, things like feedback gathering and regular emails to customers with the help of this tool will be done automatically after all configuration are set. customer management and retention, and automation of various tasks like collecting and sending emails.

The extension processes sales and marketing data to create reports and metrics in real-time to help you monitor how your store is going.

Price: $0.

Pricemotion by Pricemotion


The Pricemotion team of developers plugin has been produced mainly for those Magento webstore owners who are eager and/or have certain needs to constantly monitor competitors' prices for products and services they sell or provide their customers with.

From the user's site the following features and options are available:

  • setting custom price rules;
  • viewing & comparing competitors' prices for selected items;
  • filtering the products based on the price competitiveness.
  • Price: $0.

    Download link:

    Logging Levels by Folio3 Software Inc.

    This team of devs have in their disposal a powerful tool for Magento 2 shop runners for log managing purposes. Logging Levels enables a user to look at his or her shop from a slightly different and more technical angle.

    Particularly, the tool gives a user an access to view, store & analyze desired log levels. With the help of this extension it has been made easier to manage the logs.

    Price: $50.

    Log Downloads by MageComp

    Log Downloads by MageComp

    В MageComp’s Log Download Extension for Magento 2 enables the admin to view all the var/log information from the admin panel and also download it, if required.

    The extension is similar to the above mentioned one, but with high and more profound visualization elements.

    The reports obtained can be easily transformed into .xls or CSV log file for further configuration in order to eliminate possible system malfunctioning.

    Price: $0.

    Download link:

    Microsoft Clarity by Aitoc

    Microsoft Clarity by Aitoc

    With the help of Microsoft Clarity, a merchant using Magento 1 or 2 platform can monitor his or her customers at every stage of their journey.

    The valuable feature of this Microsoft Clarity tool is that it allows for viewing the things from the perspective of the customer, seeing all their interactions and behaviors. This option can be a very helpful solution to trace where they are tend to "dropping off" and leave the store without making any purchase.

    Aitoc developers also have a fair pricing policy & nice and polite 24/7 support staff.

    Price: $59.

    Download link:

    Print Packing Slip Before ShipmentPro by Harpreet Singh

    This module allows for doing pre-shipment check effortlessly in order to avoid any possible shipment mistakes.

    A Packing slip is a document that lists all items purchased in an order, typically packed in the box that’s shipped to the consumer. If the order is bid and includes many positions, it is always required to double-check if everything is properly packed to be shipped to the customer appropriately.

    Remember that those customers who tend to buy a lot of items from your store requires a lot more attention then others, because they generate a vast portion of profit margin for you on a regular basis.

    Price: $84.

    Download link:

    Facebook & Instagram Extended Tracking Modules

    Facebook Pixel Integration by Mageside

    Instagram Integration by Magenest

    This extended tracking solution allows a merchant to add a CTA button that appears when someone hovers over one of your Instagram photos.

    In addition to that, a performance report showing the photos that have been generating the most paid orders for a fair price of $240 becomes available too. Convenient, isn't it?

    According to the most recent user reviews, the extension's ability to fetch photos using hashtags from Instagram directly to Magento webstore, is considered as one of the best features of this Instagram Integration by Magenest extension.

    Price: $240.

    Download link: