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Landofcoder: Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

Landofcoder is an Open Source marketplace for Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce). There are plenty of free and paid extensions with various functions and usage purposes. But here we are interested in their Advanced Reporting solutions for Magento 2 BI. Below in detail.

This Magento reporting extension  gives you access to 28 types of free ready-made report templates. By using them you can explore your sales over time comparing the time-periods of your choice. 


Advanced reports include visual graphs: bar chart, pie diagram, charts & tables for users’ better understanding and visualization. A nice & convenient option they have is to automatically schedule your inbox the emails with reports.

Top 3 Tasks to Perform:

  • Revenue reports by date allows a user to compare sales growth/fall;

  • Customers’ personal data grouping to see the target audience of your store;

  • Group orders by location feature is for segmenting your customers by countries or regions of their inhabitants.

To add more benefits to the Landofcoder extension of BI reporting in Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce), it is compatible with Google Analytics, making it more convenient to analyze the data by comparing it from the two available sources.

Total Costs: Prices start from $39.

  • $39 - regular license
  • $195 - extended license



Power BI Integration by Kyrylo Kostiukov

Kyrylo Kostiukov's solution allows a merchant to use Power BI Service  as the main reporting solution in his/her online store  fostering unique services & custom functions for merchant's Magento reporting data.

In Power BI tools you will be able to create, download and share your custom reports analysis dashboards based on your real store's data from Magento CRM platform.

Setup notifications to be notified about events that need immediate attention. Configure API like it is shown below.

Key Features

  • No special skills or any additional technical knowledge is required. Power BI Integration 
  • Mobile-friendly;
  • 25 reports samples included;
  • auto-refreshing+alerts.

Total Costs: Prices start from $1600.

Aheadworks: Advanced Reports for Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce)

The purpose of every extension is to help a user to analyze the current business performance and make profitable decisions for the firm’s future. It is now easy having colorful Magento 2 extensions for your advanced reporting.


Frame-less Magento reporting extension for increasing your sales performance on the market. This extension better works for those business owners whose next target is to launch a profitable and sales generating marketing campaign.

Magento reporting extension by Aheadworks can be easily integrated with Gift Cards, Rewards Points, Store Credit, and other buying options. Also, they have a fully operational integrated refer-a-friend referral program.

From the start 13 free reports are at your disposal. Concerning the data transferring modules, it can be then exported in CVS & Excel files for future analysis, sharing or storing. The dashboard panel represents all the necessary for analysis and reporting key sales metric + the list of free samples of reports we’ve mentioned above.

Top 3 Features to Use:

  • Calculate profit separately for each category of the product making the analysis more valuable and precise;
  • There is no need to keep a track of your remaining items - the extension does it automatically and notifies you prior the event takes place;
  • Easy email sharing options.

Total Costs: Prices start from $159.

Free Magestore: Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce) Advanced Reporting Solution

Magestore is a vital and comprehensive reporting solution for easily monitoring the key metrics influencing a company's sales performance. It collects all sales data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Therefore, it can calculate profitability metrics such as COGS (Cost of goods sold) profit margin as well as advertising and promo offers performance metrics such as: discounts applied by the customers, credits used by them, amount of refunded transactions and how many times promo code was applied.

Taking into account all these research analyses, a merchant can judge the store’s achievements and overall functioning. By using Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce) reporting tool from Magestore, you can evaluate sales, and thus, calculate upcoming income.

To add more, the extension reveals each department’s contribution separately. Considering this advanced filtering feature, you may create a reward policy program for your sales managers and allocate bonuses.

Total Costs: Prices start from $0.

  • free solution building;
  • guarantee of 365 days of free usage with 24/7 support help if required;
  • lifetime upgrades & updates included.

Amasty: Reporting Extension for Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce) Store

Amasty's Advanced Reports provide you with all important metrics and detailed report samples to use. With interactive charts of pastel colors, understanding the sales trends have become easier. Your reports can be customized by applying search filters, rules, formulas, etc. 

After creating the report with the help of Amasty reporting extension, you can add collaborators, save it, share, or schedule it to be sent to your email in future.

Top 3 features of Amasty:

  • 20+ ready made templates for free after the registration;
  • real-time sales data monitoring;
  • user-friendly, intuitive dashboard.

Total Costs: Prices start from $319

  • $319 - community edition;
  • $619 - enterprise edition;
  • 60 days money back guarantee;
  • 90 days for free support;
  • lifetime updates included.

Megasolution: Magento Advanced Reports Extensions

With the Magesolution reporting extension and Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce) Sales Reports integration in this extension you can have your BI professional reports presented in visual graphs, charts and tables.

Megasolution offers 8 free reporting samples which can be easily modified if needed:

  • Report on sales by Country;
  • Report on sales by Product;
  • Report on sales by Customer Group;
  • Report on sales by Coupon code;
  • Report on sales Report;
  • Report on sales by Hours;
  • Report on sales by Day of Week;
  • Report on New customers and Returning customers.

Total Costs: Prices start from $119.

Mageplaza: Better Reports Solution

Along with other reports which are already accessible and available in default Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce), Mageplaza Better Reports provides more advanced reports:

  • Sales Report By Location: Show the overview of sales by locations;
  • Repeat Customer Rate: allows explicit view to your retention rate;
  • Conversion Funnel: enables a merchant to see what have triggered the customers most from the order data page (to put it simpler, it’s like the site’s or pages heat map);
  • Extra card reports: Stock vs Sold, Customer Group, Abandoned Carts (Pro version).

In the Pro version of Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce) Report extension, the admins can select the features of a report to make the filter action. For example, the Sales Reports By Location can be filtered by order status: completed and processing.

With the Mageplaza Better Reports module, the store admins are allowed to use pre-built templates for dashboards customization. Merchants can drag and drop sections to move report cards around the dashboard, thus arranging figure areas how they want to easily. However, the dashboard customization is restricted by 16 report cards only.

Top 3 features of Mageplaza:

  • 5 templates for your SMM emails;
  • adjustable borders of dashboard;
  • allows switching between dashboards, thus enabling simultaneous multi analysis.

Total Costs: Prices start from $99.

Zealousweb: Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Advanced Reporting Extension from Zealousweb helps store owners to provide 25+ new reports to the native Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce) functionality, Which help admin analyze sales, customer and product data effortlessly. To add more, depending on set Magento conditions, a user can create custom reports. 

To enjoy all the benefits of Magento 2 (or Adobe Commerce) Advanced Reporting Extension from Zealousweb a user should enable it from the store’s configuration. 

Once enabled, three informative dashboards for your better reporting experience will become available, namely. 


Sales Dashboard

Customer Dashboard

Product Dashboard

All they already come with data and graph reports.

Total Costs: Prices start from $132.

  • $132 for the extension itself;
  • plus $39 for additional help from the developer’s side - installation services package.

Meetanshi: SQL Report Builder

The last but not least in our top 10 Magento reporting extensions review is the reporting extension of Meetanshi. Their SQL Report Builder adds an option to perform SQL query at the back-end.

What's new to this Meeranshi SQL Magento reporting extension is that it also brings the columns from the Magento store's database. After bringing the columns with the reported query data, Meetanshi SQL Report Builder solution shows them in the comprehensive tab format. One-click export to the CSV format for future use.
Total Costs: Prices start from $99.

DEG: DEG Custom Reports

DEG Custom Reports are a free Magento BI reporting solution for small shops and new entrepreneurs.
The main feature users like this extension is that this solution allows set-upping a secret read-only connection to the Database. 

After the relevant data is retrieved, it will be presented in the form of  data reporting analytics  table with results. Than, a user can apply filters and sort columns as required. After this step is done an automated report for being exported further will be created.

Total Costs: Prices start from $0.