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Magento Reporting Mobile App -Benefits of Use

Magento platform for your e-commerce store has an easy download option. Magento analytical tool includes modern updates too. Single goods, bundled options or custom products, everything can be launched for the users of Magento mobile applications .

Multilingual Support

The Magento mobile app supports many languages. All the visual elements magento includes are transformed into the desired language taking a few simple steps. Further, the voice search function offers multilingual support too. Thus, customers can search and land on their desired products with ease.

Catalog Management

The Magento mobile development solutions allows unified management of product catalogs using Power BI extension across product categories. If you want to monitor your employees performance, please, download the Magento integrated with Power BI solution. Magento allows group updates on the product categories. It is a vital and modern tool for your online store analytics.


Magento analytical tool has many extensions and patches that cover security issues of your customer. All Magento sites didn’t store customer information without their knowledge.

Power Bi Integration Abilities

The reports and analytics of the Magento mobile app enables firms to monitor their businesses. Magento Business Intelligence Power BI tool tool allows promoting data driven decisions reporting tools for the sales function generation, the products in inventory, the abandonment of baskets, the customers, and more. Thanks to the many reports, it is possible to analyze the activity of your site with detailed statistics.

Visualizations in Better Resolution

New visuals in AppSource have been added to the gallery. The following are new visuals this update:

  • Animator for Power BI
  • Data Label Placement
  • Push Notifications of the Goals on Recent Data Updates

    Push notifications in the Magento mobile app help you stay up with what is going on in your store. By Power BI team and their recent update there were added two types of Goals notifications:

    1. Goals notice: when a goal is assigned to you, a push notification comes. From now and then you become a goal owner and are fully accountable for this task.
    2. Mentions: If you are mentioned in this or that notification, you are informed too as well. Very convenient option is that you can reply directly from the Magento mobile app.
    3. For these kinds of notifications, if you tap the notification it will take you straight to the task’s details. Use only the modern features that the universe provides. Be always up to date and trust only the recent information from the experts.

      Magento is now Adobe Commerce

      Adobe BI extension Adobe Commerce is a platform for creating multi-functioning management & marketing experience for B2B and B2C. With Adobe Commerce Power BI integration, every Adobe Commerce merchant can load his or her online webstore data to Power BI, thus having it vizualized. Adobe Commerce BI Extension when integrated to Power BI will help to have a clear view on your future business development