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Power BI Performance Reports with Magento Dataset

The Magento Power BI app collects the necessary information about the store and performs detailed sales analysis using different approaches to your data. A thorough and deep research of the metrics is the most suitable way to distinguish the ways to raise your online sales and generate profit. For this you need to have all your data in informative graphics with visual elements. Magento Power BI app or online version is here for you.

Using the right Magento tools and business approaches to the analysis not only can meet all your business requirements, but also help make forecasting decisions for the future and come up with new ideas for your business to evolve, prosper and profit.

Monthly Performance Report in Magento Power BI

Read sales performance for the selected month compared to previous month using our Magento 2 reporting extension . Today, the science of analyzing raw data is called a data driven analytical approach.

In the world of globalization and technologies, BI analytical tools and approaches have various aspects to apply and consider. And our monthly performance report is for your investing plans and forecasting.

You have a couple of stores selling cloth and accessories. Your business is running smoothly but needs to expand and enlarge. Monthly report is the perfect business report for these purposes.

Monthly performance report & how it can help?

Based on this report, you can prepare a market segmentation presentation for your future investors. Also, it helps startuppers keep an eye on the changes to walk with the time and overrun competitors.

In addition to this, you may create a good and colorful visualizer and present your final month report to your chief.

Average Order Value Magento Analytics

AOV is the metrics for your online Magento store too. Download and install our perfect tool for your consideration and show everybody what is happening with your sales and business.

The report has the potential for attracting more investors, thus the money for your venture to grow. You may use the comparative comprehensive analysis to show the difference of sales’ growing processes and their dependencies.

Average order value report sample is an ideal option for price monitoring changes for one-item-product businesses. Extension helps keeping the eye on the price and its changes on the market.

We recommend you pay attention to your unpaid orders. Below we are explaining why it is better to prepare payments analysis considering two perspectives and approach it from two fully different angles.

Payments Analysis for Sales Managers

Payments Analysis Sample Report for Magento. The tool allows you to send information about the orders and invoices to Magento in real-time.

For example, let’s imagine that you run your business in three or more local stores. Your business and sales goes well and you are proud of your sales managers and top managers team. But the time comes to invest money and to buy more products. How to present your enterprise in such a way to motivate people to invest in it? Read below.

There are two ways of approaching the data. You may start your analysis from the manager’s point of view or sales. Analyzing the sales team performance, you will stick to each and every individual in terms of sales he or she made.

Then, after that, when you have all digits and visually appealing graphics right in front of your eyes, you may come up with profitable decisions and plans for the future. Also, you may develop a personal growth plan for everybody of your sales team managers.

As for the head of the sales department, you need an overall raw statistical data for your analysis to sound reasonable for your future investors. Show them how the things were going on over time, how they have been changing and why, and propose your vision and the way for the firm’s development.

How to Increase Your Sales Online?

The first step is to work with the current base of your clients. Then you should analyze your sales. Start with the products they often buy. Maybe you will come up with a decision to create discounts or a final spring sale, for example.

There are many ways to increase sales. The more you love your job the better the business goes. However, the more harsh way is to get rid of the unpopular products completely. Check out our recommendations to start earning more with your Magento store

Magento is now Adobe Commerce

Adobe BI extension Adobe Commerce is a platform for creating multi-functioning management & marketing experience for B2B and B2C. With Adobe Commerce Power BI integration, every Adobe Commerce merchant can load his or her online webstore data to Power BI, thus having it vizualized. Adobe Commerce BI Extension when integrated to Power BI will help to have a clear view on your future business development.