Sample Report 18. Payments Analysis for Magento Merchants

Report Description

The report analysis is based on payments information presented in the Magento platform. This includes analysis of paid / unpaid amounts and breakdown of revenue by payment methods.

Embedded interactive report

Open Payment Analysis report in Power BI

Report Content

Filters: website, store, product category.

Bar chart with breakdown of paid amount by payment method and customer group.

Timeline with paid / unpaid amounts by years.

Pie chart showing the proportion of paid / unpaid amounts.

List of latest orders with payment information for those orders and other sales information.

How It Works?

Data actualization status for sales managers is now more user-friendly, easy & comprehensive! The sensitivity of information provided today by modern BI analytical tools sometimes require a lot more attention than was expected before. 

The benefits of using Power BI tools integrated into your store are numerous. For example, merchants can check their transactions and update the payments’ statuses using Magento mobile app. The app is available for IOS and Android smartphones. 

Another valuable benefit is that the data updates automatically, all you need to do is follow the steps described in our Power BI integration quick start guide

However, we are here to do business. With profit, all as required. Nobody of us wants to lose, right? So, now and then trust only reliable services in the BI market.