Sample Report 6. Data Actualization Status Magento 2 Business Intelligence Example

Report Description

This report is intended to show when was the last update of the data. It shows the last data export / update date-time. Additionally, it shows the latest orders and invoices that were imported into the magento power bi.

Embedded interactive report

Open Data Actualization Status report in Power BI

Report Content

KPIs: Latest export date-time / Latest update date-time, Latest order and invoice date-time.

Tables: list of last 20 orders list of last 20 invoices. 

How It Works?

In this Magento 2 business intelligence extension we have the latest 20 of your orders, as well as 20 invoice transactions made by your customers. 

First you should get this report for your Magento store. This is a simple process and it can be completed smoothly by consulting this very link where we prepare for you a guide on Sales Cube for Magento. And after, the magic will come. 

Let’s imagine you’ve recently hired a new member in your perfect sales team and he or she asks you to make an evaluation of his or her performance. With this Data Actualization Status report’s help this process can take even less than 7 minutes of your time!