Sample Report 14. Sales Overview Example in Power BI

Report Description

Overview of the sales amount: net sales and gross sales (sales total). The sales measures are calculated as the difference between invoice and refunded amounts. Net sales is gross sales without shipping, tax and discount amounts. Magento analytics today is really more helpful than before. 

If you want to get more from your sales team managers and to run your company’s business more smoothly with no failure, here you will find modern tools and services for you.

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Report Content

Filters by website and store.

Shows relation between Net Sales and Gross Sales as series of KPis: Net Sales, Sales Shipping, Sales Tax, Sales Discount and Sales Total.

Shows calculation of Net Sales as difference between Net Invoiced and Net Refunded with display of related KPIs.

Timeline: with Net Sales and Net Refunded.

Waterfall chart with gross sales breakdown.

How It Works?

If you use Magento reporting tools for your online store, consider integration with Power BI extension. No business can survive without sales. The more you sell, the more revenue you get in return. However, building the most profitable sales strategy is a hard thing sometimes because too many factors and upcoming economic facts in the market you operate in need to be taken into consideration.

Your company’s  sales strategy can be driven only by the target you want to reach. We recommend starting to build a new strategy only after using the most advanced Magento 2 reporting analytics

Nonetheless, whatever your sales aims and KPIs you want to reach are, we think all they are about high margins and, as a result, high profit in return. Below we have gathered for you the most typical things you, as a manager, need to focus on in your business.  

If you want to get more money from every deal you make, focus all your efforts on:

  • products and services with the highest margins;

  • rich and returning customers that offer the biggest potential for your future sales’ increase.

You may ask, how our reports and modern analyzation techniques and pieces of advice may help here? Well, here is the answer. After buying this Magento custom report you will see a clear picture. 

You will assume at what stages of the order processing some of your clients go away without their purchase and, maybe, decide to put more assistance there in terms of hiring more staff or assigning those customers personal sales managers for conducting warm calls. 

Today, the most natural objective of every smart entrepreneur is to sell more of a particular product to a target customer group. Another good strategy a skillful manager will launch is to promote the quick sales after the new line of this or that certain item in the market appeared. 

As with any marketing, a lucrative sales strategy solely depends on understanding the needs and predicting the desires of your customers. After the examination is done with the help of our Power BI integration extension for Magento, you will know who your most profitable customers are and what they want from you. You also need to know their buying behavior as well as what drives their purchasing decisions. All this information allows you to identify the most profitable markets, locations, and other channels for your future sales. 

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