Sample Report 7. Today's Performance in Magento BI

Report Description

This operational report lists the new orders, invoices, refunds that were created in the store today.

Embedded interactive report

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Report Content

Report example with data will look like this:

Report example with data

KPIs: Grand Total, Total Invoiced, Total Refunded for current day.

Timeline with orders / invoices / refunds created today.

Tables: lists of orders / invoices / refunds from today and extra list of orders with their products.

How It Works?

In a recent survey conducted by IBM it was found that one of the key objectives workers wanted to see in work transformation was a focus on employee wellbeing. A continuous approach to performance management will be important in providing the right level of support for employee wellbeing to be built into goals and objectives.

Performance management is key to getting the most out of your employees. Afterall, a common statement in line with business success is that your people are your most important asset. 

Without motivated and engaged staff, your business is never going to reach its full potential. Investing the proper time and management into your employees’ careers will reap benefits for both of you.

There are several advantages to continuously monitoring system performance. Also, check our Monthly Performance sample Magento 2 report for your consideration.

4 main benefits of Today’s Performance monitoring system:

  • See the problems simultaneously with the most suitable solution(s) to them;

  • Get rid completely of the problems that affect a sales manager’s productivity;

  • Collect and store the data when a problem occurs for the first time;

  • Establish the baseline for future comparison purposes.

Performance management is becoming increasingly agile in recent years. With many organizations moving on from the traditional approach of annual appraisals, the benefits of performance management are more important than ever. So, daily performance monitoring is the best way to grow strong in e-commerce business and overrun the core competitors.  

The report is hosted by Power BI Service from Microsoft. It is connected to a dataset. 

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