Sample Report 22. Advanced Product Search in Magento

Report Description

This report is an example of how product search could be implemented within the Power BI report. It consists of different kinds of filters and a table of products that can be filtered too. For your consideration, find more information here.

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Report Content


Website and store filters.

  • Year filter will filter out products that were not purchased in the selected year; it will also adjust sales measures presented in the table to particular year. Multiple years could be selected.

  • Product name search field allows users to search a product by entering its name (or part of its name).

  • SKU search field allows you to search by entering SKU (stock keeping units) number or its part.

Product type selection.

  • List of categories where one or multiple categories could be selected for filtering the products list.

  • Price range filter will filter the list of products by price.

  • Table with products lists available products with some sales metrics.

How it works?

Advanced product search provides an easy search experience for your customers with Product Filters. This option can be used even for stores with thousands of variable products and product attributes.

In addition, Advanced Product Search aids customers to find and buy products quickly with live search and live product filters. With our Magento advanced reports you can get priceless business insights.

Advanced Product Search allows website users to search your shop catalog and categories based on the values they have entered into the form. Moreover, this filter contains multiple fields, so one search can be done including different parameters. 

Demand Analyzation

For you as a shop owner, this Magento 2 reporting extension allows profit maximization by understanding the demand for this or that type of product. 

Analyze the visitors’ recent activity and the data gained on the Search Analytics dashboard, including the next values: total searches, unique searches, the number of users and users’ engagement.

Make Search Clear

It is vital that your customers can navigate through your shop with ease. Searching for a certain product is evidently a huge part of customer experience.

With the Advanced Product Search extension for Magento bi, you can search for multiple attributes such as color, size, brand, type of product, etc. and have more relevant results.

“Add To Cart” Button

If you are willing to generate more profit from your online store, it is advisable to show your customers “Add To Cart'' option near their search results. 

Search Window Display of your Favorite Color

Magento custom reporting allows choosing colors for every element. Pinpoint the element of your choice enabling it to fit in with other elements your site has. 

Autocomplete Parameters

Advanced Product Search extension for Magento 2 bi, enables you to decide the min amount of symbols needed to start the search process. To put it in other words, this is the lowest quantity of symbols a client needs to insert to begin an auto-search across your online store.

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