Sample Report 19. Workflow Time Analysis - Magento Analytic Tools

Report Description

This report shows how orders are processed over time. All the subprocesses your orders usually undergo are shown too in Magento analytics. The analysis covers time intervals between creation of an order and consequent actions performed with it: invoicing, shipping, refunds. 

With sample data it may not look meaningful since our demo orders have time of creation and time of order processing very close to each other. However, the order-to-cash process is considered to be one of the top level business processes.

Embedded interactive report

Open Workflow Time Analysis report in Power BI

Report Content

Filters: website, store, product category.

KPIs: Average Invoice / Shipment / Refund time difference. 

Table with KPI values by customer group.

Timelines with Invoice / Shipment / Refund time difference over years (with possibility to drill down to months).

Timelines with Invoice / Shipment / Refund time difference over the last 12 months.

How It Works?

Sales order management is the thing that should be always on constant improvement. Analyzing all the processes and subprocesses that orders placed by your customers usually undergo help raise efficiency of your sales team. In addition, you will surely have a clear vision of what to do next.

Implement the Changes and Gain Profit!

Power BI integration extension for Magento enables business intelligence functionality in your online Magento store. Every of our sample reports is connected to a dataset, created and published by Power BI Sales Cube extension installed on Magento e-commerce platform. To add more, you may monitor your store using the Magento mobile app.

So, once you’ve distinguished all the alterations you want to implement in your order workflow management system, sit back and relax. It is advised by the experts to think twice before major and overwhelming changes for your company. 

Workflow analysis isn’t just one good way of clarifying if there are any alterations that require to be done with your firm’s order workflow. You can also prepare useful reports for your team or investors and show them how to help your company grow, flourish and harvest the profits.

Check out more examples of Magento analytics reports and read about Power BI Integration with Magento platform to get more information on how this and other reports can help your business.