Sample Report 20. Sales by Location Magento Analytics

Report Description

The report shows analysis of sales by geographic regions: countries, states, cities. Includes two separate pages for analysis based on shipping and billing addresses.

Embedded interactive report

Open Sales by Location report in Power BI

Report Content

Both report pages have similar structure. The only difference is that the first page does analysis based on shipping address and second page - billing address. Visit our products page to get more ideas and business insights.

  • Filters: website, store, order date.
  • Map with sales by countries / regions / cities with possibility to drill down  or expand to a particular level of detail.
  • Table with sales metrics by different geographic regions.

How It Works?

Location-based data helps in analyzing the vital business information. By using a new level of Magento 2 business intelligence and by joining the information altogether, you will gain more profit to your firm!

Through location analytics, you can have a more detailed understanding of your business operations such as costs, profits, clients, stores, customer satisfaction level, retention and more. 

All these enable you to ask new questions, get new business insights, spot previously hidden patterns and, almost certainly, run a more efficient, cost-effective business than you did before.

Location Analytics: Top 5 Challenges

The main outcome of smart analysis of location based data is the possibility to see more ways how your products or services can penetrate the market. You may find a new approach of integration, thus more customers will buy from you. 

Armed with this intelligence, and with the support of the Magento reporting tools, it becomes possible for retailers to address their five greatest challenges: 

  1. Boost return on investment.

It can be achieved by seeing the exact areas of the business which are in a desperate need of more investments. The investments will be spent for launching new promo campaigns, building SEO and SMM strategies, etc. 

This venture can be done only if the data analysis shows that many of your potential customers, say, your target audience are searching for the products or services you are offering from those locations. 

  1. Increase your sales. 

You can do this by understanding the customers’ desires. Analyze what they want, in which products and services they are interested in and give all that is required to them. Reaching the WOW effect nowadays is of prime importance.

  1. Control costs. 

Predict future potential costly events even before an actual issue occurs. This helps your firm to economize. You can also do all these with the Magento mobile app.

  1. Boost customer satisfaction. 

Adding some pleasant gifts to every package can be a very pleasant event for your loyal customer. 

  1. Raise customers’ loyalty and awareness. 

Treat each and every customer as a VIP person. Build full and precise profiles for customers using data gathered from multiple channels (social networks, for example) to predict their needs and wants.

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