Sample Report 2. Monthly Performance Magento 2 BI

Report Description

Displays sales performance for the selected month compared to previous month using our Magento 2 reporting extension.

Embedded interactive report

Open Monthly Performance report in Power BI

Report Content

  • Filters to select Year and Month to be analyzed in Magento BI reports.

  • KPI: Grand Total difference vs previous month.

  • KPI: Relative Grand Total difference vs previous month in %.

  • KPI: Monthly Orders Count Magento bi.

  • KPI: Monthly Total Refunded Amount.

  • Chart of Grand Total by Category with previous month comparison is.

  • Chart of top performing products by Grand Total with previous month comparison.

  • Chart of top underperforming products compared to the previous month by Grand Total via Magento reporting tools.

  • Map with Sales Change By Regions .

  • Timeline of daily Grand Total and Total Refunded for the month.

How It Works?

Magento 2 business intelligence is a multi-perspective view into your dataset. The report incorporates visual elements enabling you to perform actions on the firm's dataset performance. Various findings and insights from this representation of the data may be easily analyzed then. 

Reports in Magento Power BI may have a single visual or pages full of visuals. For example, OData report - Related Products by Customer Day has too many data sets to be checked and concluded, so for this presentation it is better to pick the second variant.

Update of the Magento analytics data of your your online store or stores includes three main steps:

  1. incremental latest data extraction

  2. incremental update of sales cube data warehouse structure

  3. incremental loading of latest data to Power BI via REST API

The benefit is that all the Magento advanced reports can be accessed by different Power BI users of the same organization. Moreover, every user may have access to using Power BI Mobile App that works on Android, iOS platforms or Windows Phone installing Magento mobile app from your service providers' store.

How to Get Monthly Performance Report for your Magento store?

The Magento custom report is based on the Sales Cube dataset provided with. The extension comes with an embedded report template for this particular Monthly Performance sample report and other reports too. It is compatible with your Power BI Sales Cube extension for Magento 1 and 2 versions accordingly.

Check out our Sales Overview report to get more information on how this and other reports can help your business.