Sample Report 16. Top Products Magento Reports

Report Description

The report shows top ranked products. The ranking is done by different measures such as total sales, orders count, customers count. Also, the Top Products report lists products with the highest refunded rates. Visit this page for ordering more products from us.

Embedded interactive report

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Report Content

  • Filters: website, store, product category, product subcategory.

  • Top Products Charts: by customers count, by grand total, by orders count.

  • Bar Chart with products that have a high refunded amount (in relation to total invoiced).

  • List of products with different sales measures.

How It Works?

Top products analysis in Magento analytics is examining your data carefully to see the performance of your firm’s sales by each type of the product. This data research gives facts about the top performing and underperforming products or services. To add more, you can download the Magento mobile app and be with your valuable data everywhere you go.

Regular analysis enables you to assume why your customers are behaving in a certain way; thus influencing their purchasing decisions. These aspects help you optimize an overall sales process.

Benefits of Top Products Selling Analysis

Here’s why you need to integrate our Magento advanced reports:

  • Make important decisions based on facts and data.

Regular analysis of your company’s top selling products shows how your sales plan is panning out. In addition, you can see the performance of every sales manager of your team. 

  • Find your most profitable customers, as well as most profitable products.

Customers who pay more money buying your goods or ordering your company’s services deserve discounts and additional credits. In this way, you will boost their loyalty and motivate them to order from you again. By the way, we can create a Magento custom report for you.

  • Expand your market adding more products and services.

Do you want to reach more customers and make them buy from you? Compare your data analysis results of Top Products with those your competitors have. In this way you will be able to broaden your online store with more ordered products and your firm’s revenue will grow slowly but constantly. 

  • Avoid additional expenditures.

When your analysis of refunded products will be done, you may come up with the decision to get rid of them, thus your firm's budget will be safe. It would be better to spend the money economized for promos and smm campaigns.

Check out the Products ABC Analysis report, it may be helpful in your research. Read about Power BI Integration with Magento 2 bi platform to get more information on how this and other reports can help your business evolve.