Sample Report 23. Products ABC analysis

Report Description

This is one of the most advanced examples amoung sample reports. It shows ABC analysis of products by the revenue. In this case ABC analysis will show what proportion of products generates 70%, 20% and 10% of the total revenue. Drill down to each single report allows to understand, what products generate most of the revenue.

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Report Content

Filters: webiste, store, product category, customer group, date filter. These filters allow to restrict ABC analysis to certain website / store / product category or customer group.

KPIs: high overview of the ABC anlaysis with specifying what proportion of products generates 70%, 20% and 10% of the total revenue.

Table lists top 200 reports by revenue.

Chart with ABC line. Typical shape of this line will have few items in A area and more products concentrated in C area. Products in A area would not those that generate most of the revenue and require most of the attention.

How It Works?

There are three categories in ABC analysis:

  • Category A: The C group is for those products that are only marginally important. Despite the fact that they make up much of your warehouse, they only account for 10% of your annual revenue. It is hard to believe, but almost half of the goods you sell to your customers fall under this particular category. However, you, as a sales manager, should pay much attention to this category because it is vital for your firm’s annual revenue.

  • Category B: Category B has the biggest percentage of goods in this Products ABC Analysis sample report and is 70%. It involves those products that usually make a general turnover for your company or business. By the way, it is important to mention that it doesn’t matter if you operate online or offline.

  • Category C: The top 20% of your revenue falls in this category. Even though this is the smallest category in your group for analysis, it is a very helpful one. You ask why? Here is the answer! This category represents the items that provide the most revenue for your company without requiring putting many resources to it.

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