Sample Report 13. Orders Overview Example Magento Power BI

Report Description

The report shows overview of the ordered values with breakdown by different dimensions.

Embedded interactive report

Open Orders Overview report in Power BI

Report Content

KPIs: orders count, sold products, items count, average order value, average quantity ordered.

Charts with breakdown of grand total by website, by store, by product category, by customer group.

Timeline with grand total and orders count.

How It Works?

From simple reporting to more advanced analytics, integration with Power BI opens a lot of possibilities for Magento merchants.

For any valuable data presentation today it is required to visualize your research results for making a good presentation of your store’s statistics. It is said that people tend to trust more in what they see rather than what they are told. So, if your e-commerce business is now in search of engaging new investitions, consider Orders Overview sample report as an option for showing the latest firm’s performance.

Thanks to constant AI and BI technological progress, there are a wide range of opportunities for newcomers too. Modern tools and extensions, different platforms for e-stores, analytical tools with open source code - all these can be used almost for free. 

This report is an example of functions available via Power BI Integration extension. With the OData interface users can create more custom reports that will satisfy even very demanding clients. specific business needs. To mention more, OData API is not limited only for usage with Power BI, it may also be used with other BI tools that support OData interface.

Create More Samples With Magento Custom Reports 

Magento advanced reports are perfect for every merchant now. Making interactive statistical data presentations is always one and the only way for every business nowadays. To be able to capture the actual picture of money turnover is the first step of your venture’s success. 

Without researching no improvements are possible. Every entrepreneur knows that such things as planning, forecasting and time management are the core three components in today’s e-commerce high competitive market. 

Check out Payments Analysis Magento custom report to stay up to date on how this and other reports can help your business evolve in such harsh and challenging economic times.