Sample Report 4. Repeated Orders in Magento Analytics

Report Description

Analysis of how often customers make repeated orders. This analysis and the following outcomes and assumptions can be a very useful thing in building the upcoming strategies for your sales performance. Our products are for those entrepreneurs who want to succeed.

Repeated Orders report results examination may help in creating discounts, promos and appealing banners for your loyal customers in future emails in marketing campaigns.

Embedded interactive report

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Report Content

  • Filters: Website Name, Store Name, Customer Group, Category Name, Product Name, Shipping Method.
  • KPIs: Orders Count, Count of first orders, Count of repeated orders, Number of guest orders, 1-rst orders Gross Sales, Repeated Orders Gross Sales.
  • Area Timeline Chart with Orders Count for first orders and repeated orders.
  • Pie Chart with proportions of orders by their sequential number within customer's history: % of 1-st, 2-nd, 3-rd, 4-th and others. Percentage is calculated based on number of orders.
  • Area Timeline Chart with Gross Sales for first and repeated orders.
  • Pie Chart with % of Gross Sales generated by First and Repeated Orders.

How It Works?

How to create the best promo offer and boost your customers’ loyalty? This report built with the data of your Magento 2 reporting extension will help. Here we have gathered 3 powerful strategies and advice on how to apply them in your future to be marketing campaigns. 

  1. Optimize your transaction emails. 

The recent study published by Experian revealed that transactional emails are a vital tool for raising your conversion rates. 

Such a letter should include all the necessary information and updates on your shipping, prices, tax. To put it simple, everything that can affect the total price of the order placed by your client should be there. 

Branded products can profit from this type of emails by including relevant item recommendations to cross-selling. For example, an order confirmation for breakfast cereals can be a good place to recommend a popular banana milk or yogurt to go with it.

  1. Develop loyalty programs and coupons.

Loyal clients always have a clear vision of what they want from your store. Consider creating coupons with appealing discounts for them. You may do this after the deep Repeated Orders report analysis. Their behavior helps you find ways and reach your target on sales kpis. By the way, you may use Magento Power BI on your mobile phone using the Magento mobile app.

  1. Retargeting for more conversion rates

Those people, who were the visitors of your site but didn’t place any order can be attracted successfully by retargeting. The main working thing for your retargeting program is that you can use advertising even if no credentials were left by the potential customer (for example, email address or social profile). This is done using code snippets on your website. Code snippets analyze the behavioral trends of your future clients. Then, the ads are created with the help of Google ads tools.

For a deeper understanding and for your consideration, check Product ABC Analysis report  and read about Power BI Integration with Magento platform. With our help your business will continue to generate more and more money.