Sample Report 8. Latest 7 Days Performance in Magento

Report Description

This report presents the last but not least 7 days performance of the online store compared to previous 7 days using Magento reporting extension. This report is a helping hand for those workers whose companies have meetings every week. 

So, if you are a manager of your perfect sales team, consider buying this report and all your worries and inconvenience will be vanished away! You will always be confident about your reports to your investors, colleagues or business partners. Our Magento advanced reporting tools will save your time for more pleasant activities.

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Report Content

Filters by Website and Store.


  • Grand Total and Orders Count for the last 7 days;

  • Grand Total and Orders Count change compared to previous 7 day;

  • Relative Grand Total and Orders Count change compared to previous 7 days, in %.

Bar charts with breakdown of Grand Total difference to previous 7 days period by customer group and by product category.

Timeline where last 7 days Grand Total is presented in parallel with forecasted values for this 7 days.

How It Works?

Every businessman needs to know how good he or she is when it comes to sales, profit and the revenue. Magento advanced reports is a useful business intelligence tool that enables seeing the whole picture of your total sales. Now we will be talking about the Latest 7 Days Performance reporting which, after your order it, will give you valuable feedback on your sales and revenue. 

With the help of Power BI Integration with Magento platform you can review and evaluate whether the performance is effective, and then, negotiate with your team or investors what measures can be taken in order to gain more money from your clients, thus encouraging them to buy more products and services from you. 

Sales managers conduct analysis to boost employees' performance. The core benefit of the Latest 7 Days Performance Magento BI Sample Report for you as a manager or the head of department or even for you as a business owner is that the analysis gives you interactive visual data with facts of your orders and sales. 

3 Benefits You Get In Return

  1. Latest 7 Days Performance clarifies the role and status of every manager in your team. By the way, each and every sales manager wants to know where he or she is when it comes to his or her job performance and wants to see ways of personal improvement.

  2. After the analysis you will be able to decide who to motivate  by a good bonus. 

  3. Careful examination also shows the management (you particularly) the most profitable ways for the company's future promo campaigns. 

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