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Power BI Extension for Analyzing Adobe Commerce Data

В Magento Power BI extension connects e-commerce platform Magento with Power BI reporting tool. It is the best business intelligence solution for you now. Here, thanks to many data presentation layers, tools, as well as colorful templates for your data analysis you can easily get the knowledge on the current state of your business now. Moreover, analyzing changes in your customers’ shopping behavior will help you understand the market better, thus your profit will grow.

Customer purchasing behavior is influenced by four major factors, namely:

  1. Cultural;
  2. Social;
  3. Personal;
  4. Psychological.

Sometimes the unstable economic situation caused by coronavirus, wars, and other not so pleasant issues & events can even force companies to completely change their approach in doing businesses!

Thanks to such analytics at hand, you will be able to quickly identify a product or category of goods with an observable and significant increase or decrease in popularity. The reports will help you keep track on the product group sales in comparison to the previous week, month, or year.

Be sure, after thorough data analysis, you, as an entrepreneur, may decide to drastically change your target audience, the style of your marketing campaigns, or your market assortment.

And What about Your Distribution Сhannels? Are They Effective?

The effectiveness of direct sales and e-commerce activity can be compared by analyzing the relationship between them. Our extension can track changes in sale values over time and adapt the business model by moving sales of given products (or their respective segments) to physical or online stores, based on where the best revenue opportunities have been noted.

Power BI Integration With Magento: Optimize It With Ease

In each industry, there are also certain fixed costs that are incurred, regardless of the volume of goods or services sold. Rent and maintenance costs are the best examples. However, this type of information is often stored in various registers and accounting systems, making it difficult for successful evaluation.

Power BI integration extension for Magento can analyze almost every type of cases you may want to through comprehensive visualizations. To add more, the tool automatically refreshes, using the current and accurate data. You will have a clear, complete, and most recent view with all cost-associated factors.

Further to this, you can also conduct an analysis to see how the company’s financial results will alter if a change of this or that parameter will have a place. All fields are editable and you can influence many of the metrics: number of employees, working hours, salary, monthly bonuses just to name a few.

Notifications of Critical Events

In order to react to changes on the market faster, Power BI can automatically notify you when a certain critical value is detected in the data in Magento. This could be a decrease in revenues below costs, for example, or a low percentage margin on certain products.

By integrating Power BI with the Magento platform, entrepreneurs are able to determine important events that can be a sign for further actions to be taken. This feature allows you to immediately analyze the situation that occured and start preventative measures, if needed.

Final Thoughts

Each year, the organization’s data becomes an increasingly valuable resource. Magento 2 Business intelligence tools make it much easier to understand the overall business performance. Conclusions and upcoming actions, as well as measures and changes made based on the data generated will help the business grow.

The advantage to analyze the data that comes from a variety of sources with eye-appealing diagrams and graphics cannot be overestimated too. All these enable you to discover new sales opportunities in the market.

Do not hesitate to try out our Power Bi extension for Magento. It is a perfect solution for your business and a reliable companion for your future growth.

Magento is now Adobe Commerce

Adobe BI extension Adobe Commerce is a platform for creating multi-functioning management & marketing experience for B2B and B2C. With Adobe Commerce Power BI integration, every Adobe Commerce merchant can load his or her online webstore data to Power BI, thus having it visualized. Adobe Commerce BI Extension when integrated to Power BI will help to have a clear view on your future business development.